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Has the teflon worn off?

Jay Leno said it best when he stated that "only Clinton can deflect attention from one sex scandal
to another." Yes, President Clinton is a master at dodging bullets. We have seen numerous past
scandals come and go, sometimes with relative ease. However, this latest crisis may be a worst one
yet; it could cost Clinton his job!!

The story that broke last Wednesday was that the President may have had an affair with a former
intern, then encouraged her to lie about it to Paula Jones' lawyer. The intern, Monica Lewinsky,
said in a sworn affidavit that the allegations are untrue. Whitewater special counsel Kenneth
Starr claims to have recordings of Lewinsky telling a friend about the affair. He suggested that
if she were granted total immunity, which her lawyers are fighting for, that she will recant her

There is also the issue of Clinton's friend Vernon Jordan helping to arrange job interviews for
Lewinsky allegedly in return for her silence. Although he denied the latter part, Jordan admitted
that he arranged interviews for her.

What seperates this from other scandals is that, if it's true, the President does indeed lack the
integrity to be our leader. Now I realize that everyone has character flaws, but this goes far beyond
that! Imagine, the President of the U.S. having an affair with a 21 year old. It's a sickening
thought, and it makes many of us wonder just what kind of person he is!

I know that some of you want to know what all the hub-bub is all about. You might think this is no
big deal, that we should worry about more important issues. It is important because our leader
should be using his spare time more wisely. Call me old-school but I think President Clinton
should be setting a better example. Many people look up to him, including impressionable youth.
They may be lead to think that this behavior is norm. Perhaps it's more common now than ever
before, but cheating on your spouse has never been acceptable!!

Of course Clinton, true to form, has denied everything. You can bet his spin doctors (Robert
Bennet, Mike Curry, Hillary, etc.) have been working 'round th clock on damage control. If
they have nothing to hide, then why all the panic?
They obviously realize that many of us
have made up our minds on this issue. You know what, they are right. Who could blame us, given
Clinton's history! Case in point: in 1992, then-candidate Clinton vehemently denied having an
affair with Gennifer Flowers. According to last Thursday's Washington Post, however, Clinton
admitted to the affair during his deposition to Paula Jones' lawyers. I think I smell a rat here!

This is also a possible legal problem. If Clinton got Lewinsky to lie about the affair to Jones'
lawyers, he could face obsturction of justice charges. This would be excellent fodder for the House,
should they decide to start impeachment proceedings. Also, what about Jordan? Why would a close
friend of the President help an unpaid intern find a job?

If any of this is true, then President Clinton is most likely finished. The latest polls show
that the majority of those questioned believe that Lewinsky and Clinton had an affair and tried to
cover it up. Bill Clinton does not have the honesty or integrity to lead this country. Adultery is
a deplorable act and of guilty of it, then it's time for him to step aside!