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Return to School Prayer
There was this story in the paper of a 14-year-old young man who saw his schoolmates having prayer and shot them, killing 3 and wounding 5 others. Surely he had heard of the Ten Commandments.

When I went to school, our teachers would read the Bible to us anbd have prayer every day. But now it is against the law and look what is going on, killing and breaking all the Ten Commandments.

If we could get back to reading of them, God would change some of the bad things.

Three years ago, we got 3,000 signatures in ***** alone to put the Ten Commandments and prayer back in school. We went to Washington and gave the signatures to a senator, who promised to present them to the president. So far, they haven't gotten there.

Maybe if they had, this awful story that was in your fine paper wouldn't have happened. And there may be even more of these stories. It's such a shame we can't pray.