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These are poems that I have run upon in my life.
I'd like to dedicate it to Daniel.

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A Depressed State

When a person is down,
They don't know if they can get out.
All they do is frown,
And cannot let a smile come about.

Some people just don't understand
What it's like to be depressed.
We need a helping hand,
But can't find one outreached.

Our desperate cry for hope,
Is what society labeled SUICIDE.
We don't know how to cope,
So people say we are trying to hide.

Maybe they're right,
Who wants to live in a world of sadness?
We don't have the strength to fight,
All we want is some happiness.

Is that too much to ask?
To have a little peace of mind?
To us, it is a huge task,
We'll need help in case we fall behind.

We can not sleep,
Nor eat or drink.
In drugs, smetimes we are in too deep.
Therefore making our minds shrink.

People don't call us words that are nice,
Don't they see how much that hurts?
Try explaining your situation in a letter,
I always run out of ink.

If only people knew,
How bad our life is.
Maybe they would have picked up on a clue,
Or told us we were His.

"Trust in the Lord"
That's always what we hear.
How can we find the right word
To tell them He's not near?

We need some trustworthy friends,
Maybe then, things wouldn't seem so bad.
When it comes down to the end,
Only when I'm dead will I be glad.


Because i am slow i did not realize
though your skin was cold to my touch and your heart numb
to my pains, that i am only the one you hold and not the one
you love. for what it is worth i have loved you.

My enemy stands before me
His glare rivals my own passionate hate
He has denied me the neccesities of life
Yet I live
Once as my brother and knowledge unrivaled
He chose this path for us
I have asked for change
But in his ignorant stupor of stupidity
He only asked how
Not knowing the answer to this myself
I will turn from the reflecting glass
And go, my enemy in me.

Here I stand not able to sleep. all is calm, it is dark outside. i can hear the sounds of the animals of
the night. they make me feel clam, but my thoughts.

Here I stand not able to sleep as I look into the darkness. I see the answer. oh how many times
have I looked. how many times have I looked and seen the answer. but how many times have I looked
and not been able to walk to it.

Here I stand not able to sleep. here I stand in front of the answer. I reach out, but am unable to
touch it. Its a calm silent not able to hurt me. why am I not able to touch it, I want the answer so
much. maybe one day the answer will come to me.

Here I stand not able to sleep. I hold the answer in my hand. will the answer make everything all right
. it's what I have wanted so long all those things that make me weak will not be able to hurt.
I see things that I don't like and wish to end them. the answer will stop it all. here I stand not able
to sleep,

I have used the answer, now I sleep in peace.