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No Pain for President
I keep trying to figure out where the president comes up with all these new ideas on how to make America better. After all, Mr. Clinton is the perfect example of living the American Dream.

Our president didn't have to pay to go to the best colleges in America and England. He took his vacation in Russia while most of the boys his age went to Vietnam.

As for as I know, Clinton has never owned a home. The only property he ever owned was Whitewater, which got him into trouble. All of his adult life he has lived in government housing, from college dorms to state or federal mansions.

He still has the first car he ever owned and usually travels in a chauffeur-driven limo, airplane, or helicopter. It even appears most of his dates with women were lined up by state or federal employees.

Like most politicians in Washington, he has lived all of his life on the taxpayers. The only money our president ever earned from a private company was from coffees and room rent at the White House.

This is the man who tells me with a striaght face and tears in his eyes how he feels my pain. I do admire him for not laughing out loud when he says that.