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Monica or not, Clinton up Trie

On (Feb 3), Monica Lewinsky feld to Los Angeles, and Charlie Trie returned to Washington. Their paths didn't cross.

But they do have something in common. They both stand at the center of scandals swirling around President Clinton. In many ways, the one revovling Trie is far more disturbing.

Trie has been charged with arranging a scheme in which he allegedly collected money from foreign businessmen, who could not legally contribute to American political campaigns, and distributed the cash to "straw donors" then made donations to the Democratic National Committee.

Among the charges against Trie is the allegation that he used the fund-raising scheme to purchase access for himself and others to top administration officials, including the President.

Did he and friends recieve favors in return for money? For the moment, that is unclear.

Monica Lewinsky? What will Charlie Trie say?

Beacon Journal