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All about ME!!!!

The Early Years: Elementary School Days
The Middle Years: Off to hormone central I go.......not written yet
High School Years: The land of love and heart break.........not written yet
The College years so far!: The time of my life!...........not written yet
The Family: People who have shaped and molded me..........not written yet

Useful and Useless Links!! Not done yet!!!

Days of Our Lives: updates on the plot. it's my fave soap!!
Another World: updates on the plot!
Sunset Beach: updtes on the plot!
As the World Turns: updates on the plot!
Alice in Chains: The best band alive!!!!

I've had visitors!!!!! ;)


Well, so you are the nosey people! Just joking. I just thought I'd give people a little better understanding of who Rainny is. I hope you enjoyed learning about my life, love, and other mysteries. ~Point of Grace~ Tee-hee

If you'd like to be prayed for, sign my guestbook and I will say a special prayer for you. I understand that sometimes that everyone goes through rough waters, as a metaphor. Since I just broke up with Tony, I need some prayer and about my major change!!!!

I hope you come back to visit my life soon. I will continually be updating this since these are The Days of Our Lives. ~soap opera~ Tee-hee