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Too Late, Mr. Inmate
"I need a lawyer." You weren't thinking about a lawyer until you got caught doing something illegal.

"I need to use the phone." When you were on the streets, you weren't thinking about a phone, or my children or family, knowing they were worried about where I was and if I were OK.

"I need my medication." You didn't need any medication when you were on the streets. The dope man was the drug supplier and no prescription was needed.

"I want my clothes cleaned right." When you were out on the streets, you didn't care if they were cleaned or not because you had on the same thing you had on last week, with no bath.

"I need a stamp and envelope." You didn't think about that when you were out on the streets. You were too high to write or speak.
"I need to know how much time I have to do." You should have thought about that before you got caught.

"I wonder why my friends won't write or call." Because they weren't your friends to begin with.

"Are we going to church?" You didn't think about church when you were out in the street. Now all of a sudden you get holy.

"I'm always sitting in the flap complaining about something stupid." Remember, you are in jail, not a motel; nor are you a king or queen sitting on the throne. You're just another inmate who got caught.

"They should let me have some of these guard jobs." When you were on the street, you weren't thinking about a job. What would you do with one now?

You got caught and you're in jail.

F.R. County Jail