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Well, as you all can guess, I finally finished my Freshman year in college. I have had many WIERD!!!! experiences this year. From going to the Waffle house at 2 AM, nearly flunking a course, going throuhg many guys, and still managing to come out alive. Isn't it amazing? ~Aerosmith~ Tee-hee.

Now that I have finally finished out my freshman year, I am now about to enroll in summer school. I know, I know, I am torturing (sp?) myself completely!!! I am taking Anamtomy and Physiology. Wish me luck everyone!!! I don't have my grades for the past semester, but when I do, I'll post them, as long as they are good!!!! ;)

I just changed my major! I am no longer going to be a Pharmacist. I am now a Communications Major with a double concentration in Mass Communications and Public Relations with a minor in Religious Studies. I think I am doing the right thing. If you have a major or minor in my area; please Email me some advice as to what I am getting myself into. Thanks!!!
I'll sign off for now. I hope you enjoy the page, and please remember to sign my guestbook
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Keep Smiling, Buckle up, and Jesus Loves you!!!!

God and the Death Penalty

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