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Saddam Another Hitler

It seems as if Hitler did the same as Saddam is doing. Hitler had his hated Gestapo; Saddam has his Replublican Guard.

Hitler had his young kids training to spy on all who were against him. Saddam has his people in his excessive numbers of palaces to keep, or hope to keep, them from being bombed. And if they are sacrificed, he can blame the USA.

Hitler didn't care about his ordinary German population. Saddam kills all who disagree, plus he killed his blood relatives a while back when they left Iraq for Jordan.

How do you make a man abide by his promise to allow the inspections when he refuses them access to all? If he would have allowed the inspections, the sanctions could be lifted. But he's hiding bad things.

If he is not made to obey now, he'll thumb his nose at the world, and he'll make his neighbors suffer. This is Hitler's pattern in motion.