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Gambling Fever on the Rise
Much has been written about "acquired immune deficiency sydrome." Little has been written about "Robin Hood in Reverse Syndrome" and "Gambling Fever."

Since 1980 these maladies have premeated our society. There is a correlation between the two. Both are caused by the "Greed Virus."

Type A virus causes "RHIRS." Those who contract the virus, lose compassion for the less fortunate. They develop an insatiable craving for money. Mor is never enough.

Type B virus causes Gambling Fever. Those who contract the virus have delusions. They believe lottery and casino games are designed to fill players' pockets with money. They believe there is a "pie in the sky," and a large slice will soon land on their plate.

Neither malady is usually terminal, but high-stakes gamblers who lose sometimes leap from windows in tall buildings.

The 1929 stock market crash set a precedent. The maxim, "history repeats itself," can be heeded or ignored.

If one "plunges" into the market and stock prices plunge, one cannot recoup his losses by jumping out a window. It can only turn a bad situation into a "grave" situation.