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Abortion is Abuse too!

This is a subject that really upsets me, and it's about time that we as Christians made a stand. We are sitting back letting so-called doctors jam a sharp object into a fetus and suck its brains out.

They get by with this by saying the baby is a fetus. In ym King James Version Bible, it says He formed me from the womb (Isaiah 44:2 and 24). In Jeremiah 1:5, it says that before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee. These unborn babies are God's children!

You will get some response when someone abuses an animal. We had rather save an animal than a child! The law really buckling down on animal abuse. But we walk with people everyday who supprot these so-called abortions.

We can't understand what type of person would drown a litter of kittens or not have the right type of shelter for their animals. But it's normal to suck the brain out of unborn babies!?!

Christians, wake up! You might keep your motuh shut right now, but one day you will have to answer to God when He asks you why you didn't stand up for My children? We should all be so ashamed!