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I Wonder....

This section is totally devoted to the one, the only, CHRIST!!!!!!!
This page is designed to give a Biblical answer to "I wonder" questions that we face as Christians.
All the refrences come from the New King James Version of the Bible. I hope this will help someone
in thier situation, I know it has helped me through some of my problems. Never froget to take
everything to God in prayer!!!

1. How do science and the Bible relate?

The Bible and science debate has raged on for many years. Conflicts arise when we look for
spiritual answers from science or for scientific answers in the Bible.
I was told of a former Vietnam POW who was allowed to send a cassette home to his family.
Realizing that it might be the last communication he would ever have with those he loved, he took
extensive notes on what he would cover before he began to make the tape. His goal was to
communicate the most important things his family should know. To his wife, he talked of
insurance, mortgages, child-rearing, and relatives. To the kids, he personalized each message
so that he touched on unique situations they would face the next few years as they grew up without
him. To all of them he made sure that they knew how much he loved them.
This is exactly the purpose of the Bible. God put together 66 books to let his creation know
the most important things about life, what to do in certain situations, and especially the extent
of his love for them.
For some reason, he decided to leave out dinosaurs, fusion, and gravity (among other significant
discoveries). Instead, he included stories of real people with real struggles who faced hardship
and trials, many of whom conquered fears and circumstances because they realized if God was for
them who could be against them? Many of the other stories included aare those who rejected God,
and suffered tragic consequences.
Most of these biblical examples tell us much more about living, surviving, and prospering in a
complicated society than science ever could! Creation and the resurection of Jesus Christ are two of
the most important tenets of the Christian faith. Although neither can be duplicated in a labratory,
they also cannot be proven to be false by science.
If God can create life from nothing, as well as raise a man from the dead, he can lead us through this
life and the next. WE CAN TRUST HIM!!!

2. What does God really expect from me? I feel like I have to give up a lot in order to make God happy.

Still undergoing information, please check back often!